At Equipment Engineering, we believe that after-sales support is just as important as the product itself. With over 27 years as the Exclusive Distributor for Genie Industries-USA (Aerial Works Platform and Material Lift), Taylor Dunn Mfg-USA (Industrial Electric Truck), and Logitrans-Denmark A/S (Material Handling Equipment) etc, our capabilities have extended into the Service and Maintenance sectors.

Our range of services include:

1. Maintenance, Servicing and Repair of Equipment - We carry an extensive array of spare parts, particularly for Genie & Taylor-Dunn products, allowing us to provide quick and reliable service to over 200 of our regular clients.

2. In-house Professional Engineer Testing (PE Test)

3. Certification and Registration services for Aerial Works Platforms and Material Lifts

4. Product Usage Training

5. Building Customized Products - We can also provide Customized Products based on your requirements. One notable example is our Mini-Dumper. Originally designed and built for a local conservation contractor, the Mini-Dumper can now be found operating in the Melbourne Zoo. Many more Design-and-Built products will be launched worldwide in early 2008. If you have a special requirement, such as an electric truck c/w tailgate, drum lift etc, give us a call. We just might have that perfect product for you.