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Developed by Equipment Engineering in 2004, Max~Zone is a revolutionary aftermarket automotive product that uses Wave~On~Wave (WOW) Technology to condition your vehicle for maximum engine performance. 
How does Max~Zone work?
1.  WOW Factor 1 - Intelligent Fuzzy Pulser desulfates and rejuvenates the battery to a 90% charge level;
2.  WOW Factor 2 - Magnetizes and ionizes the air-fuel mixture to enhance pre~combustion;
3.  WOW Factor 3 - Multi-spark ignition to improve spark quality;
4.  WOW Factor 4 - Oxygen plasma deCarbonizes cylinders, pistons, intake and exhaust valves, injector nozzles and spark plugs to rejuvenate maximum combustion, maximum torque and power, better fuel economy and cleaner emission.